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We are team building and audience engagement specialists with 10+ yrs of experience in running programs for different types of corporate stakeholders such as employees, distributors, dealers, and customers amongst others.

Why are we different? Engage Better: Top-Rated Audience Engagement & Team Building.

  • Bespoke team building solutions that have been customised to the outcomes required for your teams.
  • Unique experiences that promote collaboration, communication, cohesiveness and camaraderie.
  • We focus on bettering communication, building teams and promoting teamwork.
  • we understand how to engage audiences in a manner that they are receptive to communication.

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Why Team Engagement

The Need

Effective Team Communication Solutions:
Teams these days are increasingly large, diverse, virtual and highly specialised. Therefore greater is the challenge for teams to work together effectively. At the Connected Team, we understand that the 3 C’s - connect, communicate and collaborate are vital for the genesis of great teams.

The Driving Force

Well-connected teams are the driving force of every successful company. They enable faster and more creative problem solving; they promote innovation; they enhance job satisfaction; and ultimately they are beneficial to both the organisation and its people.

How can we help!

We are team building and audience engagement specialists with 10+ yrs of experience in running programs for corporate teams and audiences. We are passionate about designing and running effective and unique programs that are tailor made for the needs of your teams.

What we Offer


Bespoke team bonding games

Want to do something totally unique for your team? We’ve got you covered. Engagement solutions that are custom created for your teams.


Connected Employee Engagement

You’d like to do something on a regular basis with your employees or teams? We have solutions that you can plug for teams on weekly, monthly or any frequency you like.


Virtual Team Building

Out of the box Engagements for virtual / hybrid events.

Fastest Finger First | Bingo | Social wall | Escape rooms | Leaderboard based game


In Person corporate engagement activities

Physical team building activities for your teams on location.

Energisers | Strategy Based | Sports Based | Hunts & Mysteries | Music

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Want to do something totally unique for your team? We’ve got you covered. Engagement solutions that are custom created for your teams.

Think Out of the Box

A thrilling activity of puzzles, intrigue and mystery which requires participants to collaborate and thinkout of the box

A high energy, fast paced activity that requires participants to solve puzzles and crack codes in order to remove the obstacles in their mission. The challenges at each level will be a mix of analytical and creative puzzles requiring different types of skill sets therefore requiring each team member to contribute.

Corporate Olympics

A competitive, high energy activity where teams challenge each other over backyard games from different parts of the world

Participants are divided into teams of 8-10 and get to participate in a festival of backyard games from different parts of the world. Every team gets to play each game, andit will be opposite a different team each time. Each team also get one game/zone as their home zone and extra time to practice this game. Hence a home advantage where they have the opportunity to win more but also lose more The team that gets maximum points is obviously the winner.

Risk V/s Rewards

Strategise | Bid | Perform | Win

The mind, body and soul need to be in perfect balance for teams to thrive and succeed. In this activity, teams will get 3 kinds of challenges - for a sound mind, a strong body and a creative soul. Each challenge will have a different payout based on complexity and time taken. Teams have to strategise based on their own strengths and bid for these challenges in order to win points on successful completion. DURATION: 60-90 MINS

Trade in Spices

The world’s insatiable appetite for spices sparked trade routes that now span the globe. The spice trade is responsible for redrawing the world map and defining our global economy.

Each team will have some spices, currency and equally important information. They will use this to network with other teams, barter, buy, and sell in order to maximise their holding. A fun trading activity that allows the group to intermingle, get to know each other and build bonds.

Get ready for this test of collaboration, communication and speed.

Show nothing is impossible when you are together!

A rover is a vehicle or device designed to explore planetary surfaces. They are tasked to collect information about the terrain, take crust samples such as dust, soil, rocks, and even liquids. Now you and your team get a chance to build one such rover with just pvc pipes and some wheels. Not only that you have to then race this rover over an obstacle track created just for you, where the team will have to manoeuvre the rover through remote control over this track. There will be obstacles like different surfaces, some debris on the track, steps or bricks over which the rover will need to transcend.

A race against time, a race to success!

Inspired by the well know Amazing Race TV show, A challenge where each team has to follow a route around the property/resort picking up souvenirs at different checkpoints after successfully performing tasks before getting the clue to the next checkpoint.

Each check point is a country or a city and the task to be done here is related to this country or location. For example if the checkpoint is Paris, team may be asked to sing the famous french lullaby 'Frere Jacques ' or because Paris is the city of Love, they have to sing a love song posing like Shahrukh Khan! The team which completes all the challenges well and reaches the final destination in the shortest time is the winner.

Collaboration is a piece of art!

People work together in small groups to paint their small canvasses, which are then all put together to create a gigantic masterpiece. The final assembled artwork can be themed to the event, the organisation's products, values, vision or mission.

The teams will have no idea what the final assembled output will look like until the reveal and this makes for a 'Wow' moment as they are overwhelmed by the output and their own contribution to it - a truly beyond world class output and experience

Light Camera Sound Action!

Bring out the actor, director, writer, editor in you and your team and create an entertaining movie or ad film of 2 mins.

Each team of 8-9 will be given a popular movie like 3 idiots, Munnabhai, DDLJ or even Ramayan etc and they need to create a short movie on a given theme. Teams have to create a script with dialogues, dance & enact. Furthermore, this skit/show will need to be recorded, edited and made into a movie that will be evaluated. All the movies will be screened and the best 3 awarded.

Customised Solutions for our clients

Launch of the new office premises

Top research and consulting firm

The Need: A grand welcome to the organisation's new office premises. How do we show the new office to the employees, many of whom are also new to the organisation in a memorable manner?

  • A hunt was designed by our team across the multiple floors of the office.
  • Important checkpoints/spots like meeting rooms, washrooms, recreation centre, sick bay etc were identified which were featured in the different routes that were mapped out..
  • The employees were divided into small teams of 5.
  • Each team used a web app to guide them through their route and also help them upload photos and videos of their tasks.
  • Employees got a gamified experience that not just allowed them to interact with other employees but also get to know their office better.

Collaboration & Team Bonding

One of the foremost life insurance companies in India

The Need: Improve bonding between the large and diverse teams. Promote collaboration between different verticals.

  • An abstract artwork using the colours of the organistion was created to convey the vision of the organisaton for 2025.
  • Participants nearly 350, were divided into smaller teams and given blank canvasses to draw and paint according to reference images.
  • Once done, all thes canvasses were assemble to create a giant artwork of 22 feet by 14 feet!

The interdependencies of the teams was portrayed through the assembled artwork - how it is complete and beautiful only when each and every canvas has been painted well. How their individual success is co-dependent on the success of their team, other teams and the organisation as a whole.

Communication & Trust Building

Premier consulting firm in the organisational safety space

The Need: Build camaraderie and collaboration in teams which are suffering due to lack of communication and trust.

  • Series of experiential activities over the course of a year to inculcate and promote a culture of trust, communication and ultimately collaboration. Some examples of these interventions
  • A trading activity where participants are divided into teams and through the course of the activity made to realise the importance of creating and nurturing win-win relationships.
  • A table top puzzle solving activity where teams start out as competitors only to realise that they can go ahead only if they help each other and work together.

Visioning Excercise

Global customer data science company

The Need: Visioning exercise to create a common and shared vision for the future of the organisation.

  • Large teams of 20-25 created 3 minute movies/videos from one single statement.
  • Working together, dividing and sharing responsibilities of creating a story, writing a script, dialogues, acting, shooting, editing and so on to bring to life an idea, a vision.
  • Poweful and impactful movies were showcased as a movie screening event.

R&R Night

Multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company

The Need: Gamify pre-event communication for R&R night

  • The Invite was sent in parts - block you date, venue, theme etc
  • Each part was designed to be interactive, a crossword to be filled to reveal city, a picture slider puzzle to be solved to disclose venue, a photo booth where the pictures were used to create a wall at the venue and so on.
  • Result: Unique, memorable and engaging

Success Stories

A customised app based solution focussing on the pillars of the organisation to foster communication and collaboration and strategic thinking.

Success Stories

An engaging full day session bidding farewell to an outgoing CEO, commemorating his association with the team and the country with activities themed to his name

Success Stories

CSR Team

A pan India online engagement themed to saving our planet and taking a pledge to honour Earth Day translating into a CSR program of on groung sapling plantation in thousands.

Success Stories

All Hands

Large team of 600+, many new to the organisations, getting to know each other and the company via a quest for ingredients to make a perfume.

Success Stories

Sales Team

Sales training on features of upcoming products and schemes via gamified engagement.

Success Stories

Leadership Team

Amazing Race for the Leadership team to focus on gamification and thinking out of the box and reiterate the important values of the company throughgout their journey.

Success Stories

GPTW Certification

Celebrating GPTW status by re-imphasisiing the ABCDE of engagement that the organisation follows through the year.

Success Stories

Pre Event Hype generation

Gamified pre-event communication to maximise the main event attendance. AR based photobooths, HTML games, live leaderboard were the elements used to drive participation and excitement.

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